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Cloud Data Storage


UX/UI Design





The client required an interface that took complex systems and processes and made them user friendly. An intuitive front end platform was designed that tied into their complex back end system. 

This project involved interpreting complex processes and information and reworking them into intuitive user tasks.

With a high level of complexity involved in the subject matter, it was imperative the interface and user journeys were as clean and clear as possible. 

Wireframes were prototyped, iterated and tested with target users before design implementation stages.

A user interface kit was designed for ongoing development work.


The wireframe process below is an example of a complex processes that was simplified. In this case the process was organised into 3 steps.

The process included a progress tracker, navigational buttons and the ability to review and change previous settings.

Users commented that they felt 'less anxious' about making mistakes, as the previous interface left no room for error in these processes.