Matt Morris

Matt Morris

Hola, I'm an End-to-End User Experience Designer, specialising in Interface and Interaction Design. 

Interface Design


Prototyping high-low fidelity

Interface iteration

Finished Interface design

Information architecture

User Interface kits

Design system manager

User Experience

Human Centred Design

Workshop facilitation

User research

User testing

Critical analysis

Customer journey mapping

User flows

UX methodologies

Creative Design

Web desktop-mobile Application design

Concept development

Creative strategy

Branding & logo design

Design vetting

Finished artwork

Technical Illustration

Instructional Illustration


  • Sketch


  • Invision
  • Zeplin
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • After Effects

As a creative specialist, I bring ideas to life from paper to reality. I design new, innovative products that are intuitive and enjoyable to use, fit for purpose and aim to make people’s lives easier.

Using human centred design principles as well as my extensive knowledge of the methodologies and theories around design and user experience, I enable organisations to effectively communicate their message to their target audience.

I can reduce time by creating products that remove barriers by implementing digital communication strategies and interactive elements for screen-based applications.

My process begins by conducting qualitative and quantitative research through client and user interviews in order to understand the needs, specifications and requirements of clients and key stakeholders.

After critically analysing and interpreting the gathered information, I am then able to apply my wealth of experience and expertise in developing a range of appropriate solutions balancing the visual and functional criteria. This ensures thoughtful and well-communicated product designs underpinned by a structured method.

I am skilled in creating wireframes, sketching layouts, prototyping and iterating aesthetically pleasing user interfaces for digital products. I balance visually striking

design elements with functionality, ensuring a smooth user flow and transition

through a platform, culminating in an improved and intuitive user experience.

I am able to rationalise interface and visual layouts that are supported by

identified project goals. With the ability to lead team meetings, I am adept at communicating prototyped layouts and strategies for UI’s.

I believe in always listening to your audience and designing solutions with user first principles.